Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Kill 'Em! Crush 'Em! Eat 'Em Raw!" - Soapstone Analysis

The speaker of this personal account is clearly the author himself. John McMurtry is describing his own life and events that he has experienced during his early life. McMurtry is describing his football career and he is also comparing his football career with war in a very personal way.

The occasion of this piece of work is during a personal memory. McMurtry is describing his occupation as a football player throughout high school, college, and the professional league.

The audience is not clearly stated and it can actually be anybody in public. It can be inferred that there is an intended audience, that is football players and political figures that compare war with football games.

There are two main purposes for this article. The first is to describe the types of physical injuries playing football can bring and the second purpose is to question the attitude of political figure that are pro-war as well as coaches teaching football.

There are three main subjects in this personal account. The first subject is injuries that are related to playing football. The second is how the coaches just force you to keep playing for the pride of the team/yourself. The third subject is the comparison of football to war.

The tone of this account is very sarcastic and it is making fun of political leaders, coaches, and people who do not understand how sports is. It seems as if McMurtry is laughing at the people just mentioned.

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